Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2014

What a great festival!

Thanks to everyone who played with Kevin: Alex (sax), Andrew Eames (bass), Ann Craig (flute), Anne Hayres (vocals), Ben Hooper (keys), Brian Paulusz (guitar), Chelsea Allen (drums), Colin Garrett (tenor saxophone), Frank O’Brien (bass), Jess Wood (bass), Luella McCormack (vocals), Mark Voogd (drums), Monique Zucco (drums), Nicole Thorne (piano), Simon Atkinson (drums).

To the organisers: congratulations on a great effort. We’d expected to strike problems at the inaugural Castlemaine Jazz Festival but had none. Such a good vibe, too. (Even the weather was great!)

We can only hope that you had enough fun to make it happen again in 2015 – perhaps extending into Monday.


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